Social media has taken the world by storm thanks to celebrity users such as the US president himself who is a huge fan of Twitter. What makes Social Media so popular with users is having that outlet where they can show more of themselves, what they like, what makes them laugh, find things that they find important and connect to anyone in the world within seconds.

But not all social media platforms are made for fun and leisure. LinkedIn is one such platform, dedicated to connecting business owners and companies to a pool of millions of capable and experienced people in the employment marketplace.

What Does Having A LinkedIn Profile Offer?

For one, the majority of professional recruiters (a staggering 93%), use LinkedIn to research and source candidates for their open positions. Why is this number so high you may ask? LinkedIn profiles contain a plethora of professional information about prospective candidates, their skillsets, work history and education thus enabling a very close match to prospective job descriptions.

What Should I Add to My Profile?

A well-curated LinkedIn profile should contain your past and present work experiences. It should also showcase projects you have worked on or working on in your current role. A great profile should also contain the skills that you have amassed and learned throughout years. The best part? Your professional connections can vouch for the said skills, adding legitimacy and validity to your claims.

LinkedIn is also a great platform to showcase your proficiency in your field of expertise. You may post articles, your thoughts, commentate on relevant matters and trust that it will be viewed and read by active recruiters and employers alike.

Companies who have LinkedIn profiles also can post their current job vacancies with a few simple clicks of a keyboard and mouse. You can also set an appointment for an interview, send direct messages and gather contact information such as an email address and/or phone number. Another handy feature is that LinkedIn can also suggest connections in the same field as you or your current employer.

There is no doubt that LinkedIn is a powerful tool for both job seekers and companies to get ahead in a very competitive job market. Use it to find new connections, discover industry updates, and share your expertise with the world but also to land that perfect new job!