The number of beauty salons operating in the UK has grown considerably, with over 44,000 individual businesses running in 2020 – nearly double that of 2010. There are a number of reasons for this, from a rise in consumer interest in beauty procedures to the increased popularity of running one’s own business.

But with growth comes competition, and now is perhaps harder than ever when it comes to keeping your customers. What can you do to improve your beauty salon’s customer service, and retain customers in a highly competitive market?

Scheduling and Flexible Appointments

For starters, it should be as easy as it could possibly be to book an appointment at your salon. If your customers have to jump through any number of hoops to secure their ideal slot for an appointment, they are more likely to eventually give up and take their business elsewhere.

The first way you can approach this problem is through your scheduling system. Are customers currently calling a landline or even your mobile to book an appointment? Are appointments noted down in paper? Here, an online and automated scheduling system could make life easier for both you and your customers; they can book with little more than a click or tap on your website, and you can simply check your schedule at the start of each day.

The second way you can address this is through allowing flexible appointments. If your scheduling system has inflexible blocks of time that customers can book, these blocks may not fit in with their own personal schedule or needs. By allowing a bit of leeway or customisation, you can better cater to your customers.

Quality Products

Another of the more direct ways in which you can improve the experience for your customers is through upping your game with regard to the products you offer. There are always developments in beauty, whether new skincare products or cutting-edge hair and lash treatments.

You could even utilise your product range to better retain customers, by including quality products for free with certain services. If your salon has tanning beds, you could offer customers quality tan accelerators to use beforehand at no extra cost to them – improving the value of their service overall.

Solicit Feedback

Sometimes, it might not be immediately obvious to you how you can make your service better for your clients. In times like these, the best approach can simply be to ask them! At the end of a session or treatment, you could encourage your customers to leave a review or fill out a short questionnaire about their experience.

You could incorporate incentive marketing into your feedback drive, too – to drive more meaningful results and retain customers at the same time. Those that fill out a longer survey could get a free product or consultation, or even be in with a chance to receive one of your most expensive treatments.

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