“I’ve always lived to the highest limit that my money would allow, mean, I’m not extravagant. I’m not silly. I’m not out buying caviar every day. But yeah, I’m talking to you from a great big house with 24 acres of land.”

Legendary actor Michael Caine quoted in The Guardian.

“Look, here’s the thing about being rich: it’s like being a superhero, only better. You get to do what you want. The authorities can’t touch you. You get to wear a costume, but Armaní designs it, and it doesn’t make you look like a pr**k.”

Tom Wambsgans, played by Matthew Macfadyen, sums up the life of the 0.1% in the hit television series Succession, quoted in The Sunday Telegraph.

“I think it’s an outrage that they’re allowed to close the M25, protesting about insulation. How can a person who earns minimum wage afford to insulate their house? It’s a joke… It’s a joke that the police can go up and say: ‘Do you need anything to these people. If they glue themselves to something, why do they have to be unglued?

Joan Collins on the Insulate Britain motorway protests, quoted in The Sunday Times.

“There was the underlying thought that it’s a bit desperate to do something like that, but we always liked watching it, so I was curious to be in it, and they paid me an awful lot of money.”

Comedian Julian Clary on appearing on Celebrity Big Brother 2012, quoted in The Times.

“Pre-Covid-19, I flew to Los Angeles every two months to have my hair done by a stylist. I couldn’t tell you how much the whole exercise costs. I know I’d be better off saving that money and buying a diamond necklace. Ridiculous, isn’t it Artist Alison Jackson, In the Sunday Times.

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