“I’m a straightforward man, I drive an 07 VW Passat” Boxing champion Tyson Fury says the money will not lure him back into the ring quoted in The Times.

“It was naivety… I was a big idiot when I said: I’ll never do that – that’s for sellouts. That was just some young man stupid sh*t”

Actor Jon Bernthal on his thinking he was above television work, quoted in The Guardian.

“Even at the height of success, I didn’t do crazy things, but in the 1980s, I did buy three or four collectible cars for a lot of money, including a Chevrolet I brought back from Mexico. I then paid a significant amount on repairs for it in France… sold them for a fraction of what I’d paid for them. I was not very happy.

Pianist Richard Clayderman, quoted in The Sunday Times

“I had no joy in what I was doing, which is hard.. when your life is objectively this awesome… it’s my dream job.

“My dream house. I bought my dream car. How am I not happy?”

YouTube cooking star Andrew Rea on his performance anxiety, quoted in The Guardian.

“I couldn’t discuss the price. It was like a hostage [situation)- you take what you are offered. I couldn’t negotiate.”

As quoted in The New York Times, Russian businessman Oleg Tinkov had to sell his stake in Tinkoff Bank to a pro-Kremlin tycoon after criticizing the Ukraine war.

“Last week, I was so disturbed by my lack of funds I decided to save a few quid by shopping at Aldi rather than M&S. When I got to the checkout, the trolley was complete and was presented with a bill for £210. How on earth did that happen?”

TV presenter James Max was quoted in the FT on his struggles with debt.

Kris Paterson is a writer for WhatJobs.com

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