Wrestlemania is the WWE’s Super Bowl – a huge celebration of the industry which attracts a massive worldwide audience and provides an incredible spectacle.

Now held over two nights, Arlington in Texas is the city chosen to host Wrestlemania 38 and 64,000 fans are expected on each night of the event, on Saturday, April 2, and Sunday, April 3.


Huge names like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Ronda Rousey, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns are all set to appear at the massive event. 

Sunday’s main event of Lesnar vs Reigns to unify WWE’s World and Universal titles is being hyped as the biggest match of all time.

As well as the glitz and excitement of the event itself, Wrestlemania provides a massive economic boost to its host city.

The past two events in 2021 and 2020 where hampered by coronavirus.

Wrestlemania 36 was held behind closed doors, and the 2021 event had a reduced capacity as crowds were allowed back.

But in 2022, a capacity crowd is expected at the AT&T Stadium as the event returns to its former glory.

As well as the tickets, the event generates a huge interest from fans around the world.

Thousands of fans will descend on the city, which will mean a massive boost for hotels and restaurants around the area.

Additional staff will all be needed for the venue and it’s likely more jobs will be created by the hotels and restaurants to cope with the demand. 

Wrestlemania 32 in 2016 was held at the same stadium.

Wrestlemania 32
Wrestlemania provides a massive boost to its host city

The event led to a $170 million boost for the city. 

Dallas Sports Commission Executive Director Monica Paul told NBCDFW the extra night of this year’s event is like to increase that figure to an incredible $250 million. 

She said: “In 2016 the projected economic impact was over $170 million.

“With adding that extra night we are going to be well over $250 million in economic impact.”

Wrestlemania is also way more than the two days of the event itself, with an entire week of excitement building up to the show beforehand. 

Stars hold signing events where they can meet fans and the whole city is lit up in anticipation of the spectacle. 

What time does Wrestlemania start?

WrestleMania 38 starts with the kickoff show starting each night at 7pm ET, with the main show getting underway at 8pm.

Viewers in the UK can catch the action on the WWE network at 1am or on BT Sport, at the cost of £13.95. 

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