The employment sector has crashed significantly as a result of the pandemic. Employers are either selling off their businesses or lowering their employee count in order to sustain their losses. Not many companies are willing to hire people during a global crisis, which makes job hunting very difficult.

Millions of Americans have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, which has saw the economy slowly decline. In fact some companies have had to furlough all their employees in order to stay afloat.

In such a difficult situation, getting a new job or even getting a call from a recruiter is challenging. A job seeker needs to be very active in their job search as lots of things have changed during the pandemic. The process of finding a job itself has changed, such as the process of face to face interviews, to everything now being done virtually.

Economic research manager at Glassdoor, Alison Sullivan, said “networking can be used as a tool to apply for more jobs. As most of the time candidates are at home they should utilize this time to connect with people”. Thankfully networking has become much easier in the last few years with Linkedin leading the charge.

Shane McGourty, a Director at said: “As recruiters are conducting virtual interviews, doing background verification checks, and providing online training for job seekers, they will pay more attention to your social media presence. Make sure you have a profile that shares a positive approach towards people.”

Modern recruitment will be complicated, but you have to keep yourself available for any role at any time. You should take up the role if anything comes, even on a temporary basis, unless you’re able to secure a permanent job. Jobseeker, Sara Mandeed said that she has been searching for a job for three months. Her first phase of the interview was quite long, but the second step of the interview never happened for one reason or another. Sara said “You have to be prepared for anything that comes along.”

You might not get your desired job during the post-pandemic period until employers are back to normal and even then you may have to face seven to eight rounds of interviews before the employer can make up their mind.