With language training for business on the rise at many companies, you may be wondering what kind of benefits it provides and who to turn to.

A great option for a company to work with is Preply Business.

Preply Business provides language training for companies and is easy to customize to your needs.

A recent study actually shows that companies that provided language training for employees saw a 26% rise in revenue per employee.

Pretty neat, right? As to the other benefits, one of the biggest is an increase in employee performance in the workplace.

Let’s explore how.

Language training for employees enhances mental capabilities

Learning a language, any language, is proven to increase memory and concentration, as well as a better ability to task switch and higher levels of creativity.

As you can imagine, this is great for employee productivity at the office. It also will help avoid miscommunications, and thus save the time that could be wasted.

Around 71% of employees who took part in some type of language training for business have said that they feel that their job performance and productivity have improved.

Language training for businesses is great for globalization

With more and more businesses expanding into the global market, having language training for employees means that your workforce is capable of going anywhere in the world and striking up successful business negotiations, with the knowledge of both the language and the culture behind them.

Even showing a willingness to try and learn a new language in order to go into the global business world is a sign of respect and will earn the trust of your potential clients.

Employee morale sees a boost with language training

If you want your employees to be more productive and do better at work, they need to be confident and happy! Language training can make your employees feel more confident when working in teams, as well as with vendors and other partners.

They can also be confident in their ability to master new skills, and therefore more willing to take on new responsibilities.

With this new confidence comes a level of pride and happiness in their work, which will be beneficial to the company as a whole.

Language training can increase employee loyalty

Having a high turnaround with employees can cost so much time and money.

What is the best way to avoid that?

Bump up your employee engagement. Engaged employees tend to stick around, and language training for employees is a great way to make that happen.

Providing language training for companies also shows that you as a company are encouraging professional growth, which employees see as a sign of respect for their time and goal.

The gist of the story is this: language training for business is crucial to improving employee performance.

With just a few hours of classes each week, like with Preply Business, you can build up your employees’ skills and, in turn, improve your company’s well-being overall.

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