Getting hired is hard, especially if you’re a fresh graduate or an active student looking for a job to make ends meet. According to recent data, only about 20% of job applicants ever arrive at the interview round of the application.

Of that, only 30% of applicants ever get an offer to get hired. This means that you need to give it your all to impress the employer and get to the job interview stage. Let’s discuss how you can leave a lasting impression and find worthwhile employment as a student.

Proofread Your Resume Properly

You should always proofread your resume before sending it along with your cover letter. Spelling or formatting mistakes are a huge red flag for employers, regardless of whether you’ve applied for an internship or a senior position.

You can check out cheap essay writing services to have a professional writer proofread your resume or your cover letters and application essays. Professionally written resumes are a positive and will certainly bring you closer to getting hired for the job you want.

Don’t Be Late and Dress Well

Being late to your job interview sets a bad precedent. Whether you’re going to an in-person interview or going through a video job interview – make sure that you’re there on time. There’s nothing worse than finally landing an interview only to leave a poor first impression by being late and wasting the employer’s time.

The same applies to your professional image once the interview is underway. You should dress appropriately based on the job you’ve applied for. Casual professional attire is okay for jobs in marketing, for example, but a business suit will help you get hired by a law firm you’ve applied for. Plan for your interview in advance and don’t be late – dress up and show up on time.

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Ask Serious Questions About the Job

By asking the right questions about the job you’ve applied for, you’ll be a step closer to having the job you initially applied for. The best way to come up with some questions to ask is to do some research.

  • How long has the company been on the market?
  • How many employees work in the company?
  • What are the company’s primary markets?
  • What is the company’s business culture like?
  • What will your day-to-day duties look like?

You can improvise and ask more questions during the interview to make a lasting impression. Apply your writing skills and write a few questions down before the interview begins. Be mindful of how you approach the topic of salary and employment benefits. While these are important, you shouldn’t emphasize them as your top priority for applying for the job.

Ask for a Follow-Up from the Interviewer

As your job interview comes to a close, you should ask for a follow-up from your potential employer. A follow-up email, phone call, or interview is a good way for you to show interest in the job you’ve applied for.

While not asking for one may not be negative, explicitly looking for feedback and an answer from the employer means that you’ve warmed up to the idea of working with them. This can work in your favor and tilt the odds of employment in your favor. Even if you’re ultimately not hired, you’ll still gain some useful feedback which you can apply to your next job application.

Impressing Potential Employers as a Student

The best way to impress a potential employer is to apply for the jobs you feel passionate about. Don’t apply for jobs based on their location, salary, or requirements. Apply for them based on what you’ll learn from them and how you’ll benefit from adding extra points to your resume. Express your desire to keep growing as a professional and no employer will turn a blind eye to your willingness to go the extra mile as a student or a recent graduate.

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