The USA for most immigrants is one of the most popular countries in terms of job search. The main reason is the high wages. However, money is not the only reason. For some, moving to the United States is also an opportunity to travel, get to know the country from the inside. Some go to study in American universities.

But to live and study comfortably in the United States, you need to have a lot of money. Therefore, for almost every immigrant, work in this country is an urgent issue. Let’s figure out where to look for vacancies, who is paid how much, and what professions are most in-demand in the USA.

How to look for a job in the USA?

There are several proven ways to find work in the United States. The most reliable way is the recommendation of relatives, acquaintances, and friends who are already working at local companies. The ideal option for Russian migrants is to find an employer in their home country, pass an interview, and sign a contract. In this case, the company assumes the obligation to help with relocation, search for housing, and visa processing.

Any American state or large city has its own Russian newspaper. In New York, this is the Russian Bazaar, in Boston, you can look for a job for Russian migrants through Russian Boston, etc.

However, in the age of the Internet, the best way for finding a job is specialized job websites, where the employer places advertisements for hiring an employee. One of the most popular sites among Russian migrants is, where you will find a large number of vacancies in any business direction and for any salary requirements.

This site has a high rating among Russian-speaking job seekers. Whatjobs is capable of generating offers from thousands of other English-language sites, which allows you to explore the best offers for you in a short period of time.

What are the benefits of being employed in the United States?

Before a working trip to America, you need to evaluate all the pros and cons. Being officially employed and living in the United States has several advantages:

– high level of salaries;

– assessment of exclusively professional qualities of employees;

– the ability to defend your rights at any time;

– quality service in any public or private institution;

– a high standard of living, quality food, and medical services.

The main problems faced by immigrants from Russia.

Employment in an unfamiliar country is often accompanied by many difficulties. It is necessary to thoroughly study the main problems that may arise in the process of finding a job in the United States for 2021:

1) Language. If you are moving to the USA but do not know English, this is the first problem. Go to language courses, chat with native speakers, watch movies with subtitles. Knowing the language will make your life easier and help you find a decent job.

2) Visa. The most common one for work in America is H1B. This permit is valid for 3 years. This visa is not an immigration visa, but in the future, you can get a green card with its help, which can be a good bonus.

The main condition for obtaining H1B is having a higher education and work experience of at least three years. If you have not graduated from a university, you will need at least 12 years of work experience in a specialized secondary specialty. The employer must submit documents for your candidacy and prove that it is you who are needed for the job. In the document being drawn up, he must justify why he cannot hire a US citizen.

Official work in the United States on a tourist visa is prohibited. Also, migrants who illegally entered the country are not allowed to work. There are practically no difficulties with how to get a job in the USA if a person has the appropriate permission.

Average salaries and taxes in the USA.

Many migrants are attracted to the United States by its high level of earnings. Even workers without special skills can earn 30-40 thousand dollars a year. The average rate per hour is $ 20-25, and workers receive $ 2.5-4 thousand per month.

People with specialized skills have higher wages. Electricians, engineers, programmers, school teachers, nurses, doctors, dentists, architects, and other specialists are valued here. They can expect an annual income of $ 70,000 or more. The largest salaries are received by doctors, surgeons, and IT specialists.

The amount of wages is compensated by expenses for housing, food, and taxes. Anyone who is in the United States for more than 180 days a year is required to pay income tax and other fees.

The following types of taxes are deducted from the salary of all US workers:

– 18% – federal tax;

– 0-13.3% – payments to the state;

– 4.2% – the social insurance fund;

– 1.45% – medical insurance.

Unlike Russia, migrants and American citizens have to file their own tax returns and pay government fees.

Is it possible to work illegally?

Illegal employment on a tourist visa is one of the most popular types of earnings in the United States for foreigners. Difficulties in obtaining a work visa are pushing many to try to find unofficial work.

However, you should remember that US law prohibits hiring people who are in the country on a tourist visa. Even if the law can be circumvented, the employee is left without any guarantees. If a worker is caught doing illegal work, his employer is revoked his business license. The migrant is not fined or imprisoned. Instead, deportation with a ban on entry is applied to a foreign citizen.

The key rules:

– more than 180 days of stay in the United States – a ban on visiting the country for 3 years;

– more than 365 days in America – a ban on entry for 10 years.

Also, the offender is blacklisted, so getting a visa in the future becomes unrealistic. In some cases, a person is offered a so-called amnesty. By paying the fine, he can receive temporary resident status for 6 years and work officially in the United States.