Around three out of every 50 workers employed in the hospitality industry left in March, despite the fact that overall hiring rose and vacant positions fell to their lowest level in at least four months.

Now the industry’s primary concern is turning keeping existing employees rather than a lack of qualified candidates.¬†

The number of workers recruited by hotels and restaurants almost reached 1.04 million last month, an increase of approximately 19,000 over the tally of February.


The hiring reduced the number of vacant positions in the hospitality industry to about 1.5 million, or 59,000 fewer than the number of openings registered at the end of February.

Those open positions represent 9.9 percent of all positions now available in hotels and food service facilities, compared to 10.3% a month earlier.

The number of hospitality staff who departed in March was 810,000, a 14,000 increase from the previous month and a 250,000 increase from a year earlier.

The number of employees who leave their positions voluntarily has been so high in numerous sectors, particularly in the restaurant business, that analysts have termed the phenomenon The Great Resignation.

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The growth in both departing and hiring indicates that there will be more mobility on a rising base of industry workers.

The sector has struggled to hire enough workers to match an increase in activity that most analysts attribute to pent-up demand among customers who have been cooped up at home.

Many operators have reduced their hours or days of operation as a result of the recruiting challenges, and openings have been postponed to allow for additional time for recruitment.

Source: Restaurant Business Online

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