Hector Bellerin, 25 years old right back of Football Club Arsenal with the recent FA cup glory, also one of the fastest football players on the planet, has bought a minority stake in Forest Green Rovers. He has always claimed to be impressed by the work of Dale Vince of Forest Green Rovers.

Hector, who is a vegan and an environmental activist, has bought a 10% share of the club based in Nailsworth. Forest Green Rovers are a Ligue 2 footballing side. They also hold the accolade of being the world’s first carbon-neutral football club. UN had honoured them with this prestigious title back in 2018.

Football resumed in June after a long break due to the Coronavirus pandemic. When the Premier League resumed in June, Bellerin worked with the reforestation charity One Tree Planted and promised to plant 3000 trees for every game Arsenal won until the 2019-20 season came to an end.

Bellerin recently helped in raising funds for the planting of 58,617 trees, to be planted along the banks of Rio Araguaia in Brazil. Arsenal managed to win only seven games in June and July, but with the help of fans all over the globe, Bellerin achieved this feat, which is nothing short of incredible.

Dale Vince is a majority shareholder at the Forest Green Rovers football club. He has always believed in promoting environmental issues in football. Under his administration’s instruction, the club has installed solar panels and electric charging points. Forest Green Rovers, committed to this social cause, serves only vegan food.

Bellerin has praised the works of Dale Vince in revolutionizing the football club. He also admitted that his move had been in the works for quite some time now. Bellerin loves the club for its eco procedures and principles.

Dale Vince, in a tweet, welcomed Hector Bellerin to the Forest Green Rover family and said that he looked forward to working with him.

Forest Green Rovers got the approval to work on their innovative all wooden stadium in December 2019. It will be built off junction 13 on M5. Their old stadium in Nailsworth will be demolished and 80 carbon-neutral homes are to be built there.

Bellerin has had his share of criticism as people sometimes tend to think that footballers should just stick to football, but he thinks that he has the power to change the earth for the betterment of mankind and the environment. He is a role model for fans all around the world. He wants to use his fame and his power to influence people for a greener earth.