The US Army has chosen GS Engineering to participate in the 2022 Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment (AEWE 2022) for the Maneuver Battle Lab at US Army Jobs Fort Benning in Georgia. 

GS Engineering jobs will bring its Ultralight Tactical Bridge for testing and evaluation under the Stand-Alone Assessment venue. An AEWE Team consisting of an infantry military occupational specialty (MOS) will put the technology through its paces in an operationally relevant context.  

AEWE is an annual campaign of experimentation placing prototype technologies that show potential for a significant capability benefit into the hands of soldiers to solve small unit tactical problems. It is the Army’s premier prototype technology and concept event focused on the modernization of squads and small units. 

This event is critical in molding the destiny of the United States Army. It is intended to provide capability developers, the Science and Technology (S&T) community, and industry with a repeatable, credible, rigorous, and verified operational experiment to develop concepts and material. 

Product Manager Rob Minger said that “I am looking forward to getting the Ultralight Tactical Bridge in soldier’s hands to showcase its potential.” He went on to say that “It’s exciting to have soldier’s feedback and see how this solution fits into the army’s modernization plan.” 

We are thrilled to demonstrate this launching system and bridge module, which will help bridge the capability gap and meet the needs of ultralight combat vehicle users. This system is completely capable of providing gap defeat capabilities that match the vehicle in terms of capacity, transportability, mobility, deployment/retrieval speed, and ease of use. The Ultralight Tactical Bridge will be added to GS Engineering’s military solutions, which already include HMWWV/GMV 1.0 Vehicle High-Performance Kits, Ultralight High-lift Jacks, Expandable Mobile Garages, and Sand Anchors. 

GS Engineering, Inc. is a well-established multi-disciplined firm focused on product development and innovation for both the military and commercial industries. Our staff lays the greatest emphasis on building personal relationships based on integrity, dedication, teamwork, mutual respect, and quiet professionalism. 

The team provides turnkey engineering solutions with a managed programs approach supporting mechanical and electrical design, modeling, and simulation. This is achieved by using leading-edge technologies to enhance laboratory and field test activities and the production of components throughout the product lifecycle. 

Source: Daily Mining Gazette

Image Credits: GS Engineering