Last week, the US labour regulatory body confirmed that Google has accepted to pay $3.8 million to resolve an ongoing discrimination writ against Asian and women engineers.

A spokesperson from Google confirmed that the company is ready to settle the issue and rightfully resolve it. The head officer of federal contract compliance programs, Jenny Yang, in a statement, said that “discrimination in pay structure is always a problem”. It is not clear if she meant this is a problem specific to Google or in business generally.

In an evaluation, the US labour department found considerable pay inequality for software engineers in Silicon Valley and Washington. According to Jenny Yang, the pay scale disparity creates a massive disadvantage for Asians and females. Jenny Yang also stated that the hiring ratios are also biased at Google’s outposts in Kirkland and Sunnyvale.

In response to the ongoing allegation, Google’s spokesperson said that the company believes they pay every individual based on their job role and not based on what they look like. The elite organisation claims they are working hard to make the hiring process unbiased and fair for all. The spokesperson continued, “Google analyses the payroll data every year and tries to correct any discrepancy it finds.” She said that the company is happy to resolve the allegation and move on.

Since the payout, Google has agreed to review its policies and make necessary changes accordingly, said the US labour unit. Google has also announced that it is strengthening its internal laws to protect employees from harassment and financial discrepancy.

The tech giant is also ready to allocate $1.25 million for adjustments in inequality payments in the coming five years. The spokesperson added that Google would stay committed to diversity and equality and ensure the best possible work culture.