Google has launched its Last Mile Fleet Solutions software to enhance smaller companies’ deliveries.

The service started on Saturday, March 19, and is not directly delivering to customers.

It is in fact to help fleet operators create exceptional experiences, from e-commerce to doorstep delivery.

The software provides a reliable infrastructure with an expected price for each delivery.


It builds on Ondemand Rides & Delivery, one of the existing mobility solutions used globally by major ride-hailing and on-demand delivery services.

With this software, Google can help companies handle their delivery fleet and improve customer experience by ensuring they have tools and information to make on-time deliveries.

This initiative by Google will challenge the existing prime companies in delivery infrastructure like Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify.

Google Maps Platform Group Project Manager Shalin Mantri said: “Consumers rely on deliveries more than ever before, and they expect these deliveries to be fast, reliable and low cost. In fact, eCommerce shipments are on track to double by 2026, and 90% of U.S. consumers expect free two-to-three-day shipping.”

She said: “This means last mile fleet operators have to work harder to create better consumer experiences and improve their operations.”

Google may not have the delivery infrastructure like Amazon, Shopify, and Walmart, but it recognizes the issue such companies are trying to fix.

The company’s software can optimize each stage of the last mile delivery journey by obtaining valid addresses, planning delivery routes, efficiently navigating drivers, tracking shipment progress, and analyzing fleet performance. 

Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify usually get orders to customers’ houses.

Google will utilize its existing map expertise to make delivery drivers more efficient. 

This is a new approach, making it easier for small companies to create fair competition.

The real rival isn’t Amazon or Walmart but Shopify, which provides customers with everything from warehousing to delivery.

Source: The Street

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