Google employees are challenging their bosses over recent staff layoffs.

The move came after the company eliminated hundreds of cloud supporting positions and outsourced the job roles to vendors to cut costs. 

The workforce has expressed disapproval of the sudden lay-offs and filed a petition this week asking more time and support to the dismissed employees so as to find new roles at Google.  


The petition read: “Many Google employees have visas tied to their employment. The transfer will take longer to succeed because of the increased delays in travel due to government and Google immigration processes.” 

The redundancies affected Google’s support team, called the Technical Solution Engineers (TSEs).  

Many Google workers are requesting responses from the company about these cuts and the wayhow they are communicated.

Google Cloud restructured its support team into Google Cloud, Workspace, Looker, Mergers and Acquisitions. The business unit intends to integrate parts of the region and move some of its support work to “trusted vendors.”

A Google spokeswoman said: “As Google Cloud grows, we frequently value our approach to providing the best service and support to our customers. The changes announced today ensure that we have the right people, partners and systems to meet our customers’ needs. It will be available in the future.”

The company faced criticism among the employees, as they felt the internal meeting conducted for the announcement was “robot-like” and gave inadequate answers.

Employees accused the sudden move as a destruction of trust and questioned an alleged lack of warnings. 

Source: ExBulletin

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