Good week for:

Billionaire hedge-fund manager Sir Chris Hohn was paid a record £343m after a year of soaring profits at his Children’s Investment Fund, say James Hurley and Dominic Walsh in The Times. Equivalent to £940,000 a day, it’s thought to be the highest amount ever paid to an individual in Britain. Hohn is one of the UK’s biggest taxpayers, paying around £58m in tax last year.

A woman walking along the beach in Thailand after a rainstorm found a lump of whale vomit worth almost £190,000, says Sam Baker on Mailonline. Siriporn Niamrin and her neighbours confirmed that the oval-shaped find was a 12-inch wide, 24-inch long, 15lb chunk of ambergris, a rare ingredient used in the perfume industry. If verified by experts, its estimated value will be £186,500.

Bad week for:

Ann Herbert, the general manager of Nike’s North American division, resigned after a Bloomberg investigation found that her 19-year-old son had used a credit card in her name to buy $100,000-worth of limited- edition trainers to flip them for a profit from his reseller business, West Coast Streetwear, reports Lauren Thomas on CNBC. She had been at the company for over 25 years.

Reality TV star Molly-Mae Hague of Love Island fame has fallen foul of the UK’s advertising watchdog after she ran an £8,000 prize draw on Instagram that “failed to prove that winners had been randomly and fairly picked, reports the BBC. The regulator has previously pulled up Hague for failing to make clear that one of her posts was an advertisement for an online clothes shop.

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