The Department Of Education has provided more than 200,000 electronic devices to all local authorities and schools all over Gloucestershire. The initiatives were taken throughout May and July 2020, when the authorities decided to shut schools to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The Children’s Commissioner for England stated, “A £100 million program is not enough for social working students and care leavers, which eventually failed to help thousands of more students desperately needing them to continue education.”

Actual numbers generated from the system state that the Gloucestershire County Council has already requested 1,558 laptops and tablet devices during the crisis as this was the maximum number of devices they were allowed to request.

Simone Vibert, the senior policy analyst at CCO, stated that over 9% of families don’t have laptops, tablets, or tablets at home in the UK and face problems in continuing their studies during the “New Normal.” The issue became more apparent during the Covid-19 pandemic, where students were forced to study from home.

She responded, ” During the pandemic, proper access to the internet and digital devices is no longer a luxury, but a necessity!

The government needs to ensure that all children get an adequate education in the coming weeks or months.  

The Children’s Commissioner estimated that over 540,000 Students are falling under this scheme, meaning many more missed out.

In addition to that, 20,000 laptops were set aside for year 10 students. They were kept aside due to the concern of falling behind while preparing for their upcoming GCSEs. Among them, 91 students are allocated in Gloucestershire only.

Turn2us, a charity dedicated to helping people living in the property, said students need the help of a digital ambiance to grow, especially during this coronavirus situations. 

Liam Evans, Campaign officer at Turn2us, said it is important that computers and tablets should be provided to students who need it.

The department of Education commented that for all students who faced problems during their autumn terms will be provided with an additional 150,000 more devices so that they can pass it to the next best-suited juniors. 

The spokesman added that all children will be returning to their old school life within September. An additional £1 billion has already been sanctioned by the government, as a COVID catch Up Fund, which will help disadvantaged students in one-on-one tutoring.

Cllr Mark Hawthorne, Leader at Gloucestershire County Council said that all children in the county should be eligible to get a proper education as they deserve. Schools have been kept open throughout the pandemic to provide education to students who cant afford remotely. He concludes that the additional 1000 laptops will further help the poor and disadvantaged students.