Updated: 13.30pm 17th Jan

Severe Weather Warning from the Met Office (Issued at 10:22 on Thursday, 17th January 2008, valid from 06:00 on Friday, 18th January 2008 until 23:00 on Saturday, 19th January 2008):

Early Warning of Heavy Rain

Regional risk assessment for the following areas
– Wales(60%)
– NW England(40%)
– SW England(40%)
– All other regions less than 20%

The Met Office is expecting rain to become persistent and be heavy across parts of Wales during Friday and Saturday. The largest rainfall totals are expected over higher, exposed ground to the west, where accumulations of up to 100 mm are possible by the end of Saturday. In view of the already saturated ground, localised flooding is likely and there could be some disruption to transport networks. Heavy bursts of rain will occur over other western areas, but accumulations are expected to be lower, with less risk of disruption. There is a risk that rain may persist into Sunday, but confidence on this aspect is low. Updates will provide further information. This warning will be updated by 11:00 am Friday morning.

However, our own weather provider has looked at the weather models and predict about 58mm to 60mm in Wales for this period, and about 25mm of rain for Gloucestershire.  We will continue to closely monitor the situation and are very mindful of the impact that rain in Wales will have on our own river levels

Today: showery.  Possible heavy squalls this afternoon.  Dry overnight
Friday: bands of drizzle giving a few mm of rain
Saturday: rain over Wales were the majority of rain will fall, though we will have some showers.
Sunday: possible rain.

Road Closures:

East: No major roads are closed

West: B4213 near Turley; Northway Lane, Tewkesbury; Walton Cardiff; A48 to Flaxley; Lydbrook; B4228

Central:  No major road are closed

Hot Spots (these roads are currently passable but with care):

East: All major routes now clear.

West: Other major routes are clear

Central: Prestbury: High Street, Noverton Lane, Priors Road, New Barn Lane

Teams are continuing work across the network to clear debris and make safe any defects.  Jetters, sweapers and gully emptiers have also been deployed.

There is still a significant amount of surface water on the network and motorists should take care.  We would also like to re-iterate the need for motorists to be considerate of others and drive through areas where there is surface water at an appropriate speed.  Driving through these areas too fast creates a bow wave and this can have a potentially devastating impact on properties that may otherwise have not been affected by flooding.

Source: Gloucestershire County Council