Marcus and Katie Cuarana found their beloved parrot after a continuous 3-day search in Longlevens. The Gloucester family rejoiced while their feathered friend gets back to its nest. 

On August 29, Saturday, the family reported the missing of their favorite pet Willow. But on Tuesday, Willow was spotted in a council field near Paygrove Lane where his owners, Marcus and Catie, somehow managed to catch him on a local field. Willow is a beautiful black feathered parrot, adopted by Marcus and his family.

A resident from Longford called Marcus and told him how some wild magpies were attacking Willow. Marcus had to rush immediately to save his best friend. He reported that ” Some birds can pose as a serious threat to parrots like Willow. We arrived to see Willow running away from the magpies, and we caught her.”  

Willow is still young and was learning to fly. But instead of flying down to the owners, he instinctively flew away to the wild. The family was overwhelmed to hear the news from the locals and quickly rushed down to Paygrove Lane to save his feathery friend. 

Ironically they found Willow, snuggled on a willow tree itself!

“We called him from far, and he called back to us,” Marcus reported. “We raised his feeding bowl filled with his favorite food and started making noises we made when we first feed him, and he fewl down to us. I was delighted to have him in my arms again.”

For the past three days, Marcus and his family were exhausted while searching for their dearest pet, Willow. “We couldn’t sleep properly and had constant thoughts on the whereabouts of Willow. I am glad that he is back and safe with his family. We want to thank each and everyone who has supported us in our tough times and helped us find Willow,” Marcus replied.

Katie Cuarana concluded that Willow has finally returned to his own family, and with proper rest and sleep, he will be back to his charming form in a few days.