Two new hands-on activities at the Corinium Museum will allow visitors to ‘come to their senses’ in a bid to understand the past.

The Cotswold District Council venue in Cirencester has introduced two interactive activity stations, one based on smells and aromas and based in the Roman Gallery, while a second tests your brain power with a range of riddles.

The ‘guess the smell’ station allows visitors to understand what foods were eaten during Roman times. Mystery aromas can be sniffed and then a flap is lifted up to reveal the source of the smell as well as some information about the featured food.

The Museum’s Education Officer Rachael Holtom explained: “Inside the smell boxes are little cubes of a material similar to the oasis that florists use to arrange flowers.

“However, these have been soaked in a special perfume that gives out an authentic aroma. It really is an amazing product.”

A second new station at the Park Street museum lets visitors get to grips with Anglo Saxon riddles, where people are shown three riddles from this era and need to guess the answers to each.

One example of a an Anglo Saxon riddle used is –

  • Wonder formed in waves
  • Water becomes bone
  • What am I?

Rachael Holtom added: “Stories, riddles and songs were a very important part of Anglo Saxon culture, and were an ideal way to pass the long dark evenings of winter, especially with a mug of beer.

“The riddles we have chosen come from authentic Anglo Saxon sources and are really fascinating.”

To find out the answer to the riddle above, please visit the Corinium Museum on Park Street, Cirencester.

For opening hours, admission prices or information on any of the Museum’s events, please contact the venue on 01285 655611 or email [email protected]

Source: Cotswold District Council