Cotswolds MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown today once more expressed his vehement opposition to the Post Office closures across his constituency during a debate in the House of Commons.

The debate was called by the Conservative party to demonstrate the volume of opposition to the Government’s proposals, including from within their own party, and to call for a vote to suspend the closures.

In his speech Mr Clifton-Brown provided the House with a verbal tour of the affected Post Offices across the Cotswolds.

The MP highlighted how the proposals have resulted in the situation in Cirencester where if the closure of the Stratton and Beeches branches goes ahead, the Government and Post Office Ltd would be leaving 19000 residents, from 21 villages, across 100 square miles, to use the one overcrowded and insufficient Crown Post Office branch in the centre of Cirencester.

Mr Clifton-Brown’s words were informed, not only from the eight public meetings he organised across the constituency and the march through Cirencester on 8th March, but also through the 500 letters he received from constituents during the six week consultation period.

The MP was able to round off his comments by telling John Hutton, the Secretary of State that “the consultation is flawed, the wrong branches are being closed” and he urged the Government to reconsider the whole consultation process.

Speaking afterwards Mr Clifton- Brown said “I believe Post Office Ltd has not got a single closure right across the constituency”.

“I was able to highlight my complete opposition to the closures and the ridiculous decision making that has taken place by focussing upon the Stratton branch which had a turnover of £468000 in January 2008 alone”

Despite the narrow Conservative defeat Mr Clifton-Brown said “I am hopeful that through my speech today and the twelve individual submissions I have sent to the Post Office consultation team, along with many hundreds of letters from affected residents, some of the branches will be saved and where this cannot be achieved, a more satisfactory outreach service will be provided”

Source: Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP Cotswold