The October sale on Thursday, 21st October sees an interesting
selection of items on offer at Chorley’s. The day begins with Lot 1, a
gypsy caravan, which is sure to attract plenty of attention. These days there are few traditional travelling families using these caravans, and it is more likely to be purchased for use as a spare bedroom, a children’s playroom or a quiet space to escape from the cares of the modern world. This example needs a small amount of work and is estimated accordingly at £6,000-8,000.
The sale includes a large number of lots from the collection of the late Lady Tumim. Lady Tumim was a tireless campaigner and a powerful advocate for the reform of charities. She had a particular interest in those affected by deafness and was chairman of the Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID) from 1985 to 1992. In 1996 she became chairman of the National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) and a report produced by her team led to the 2006 Charities Act. She was appointed OBE in 1992 and CBE in 2003. Lady Tumim’s love of Modern British sculpture, ceramics and
painting is reflected in the items offered for sale.
Her collection includes works by the likes of Norman Wilkinson, John Nash, Robert Medley and Cecil Collins. Highlights include Lot 33, Taos, New Mexico by Kenneth Rowntree, est £1,500-2,000 which shows the artist’s skill in revealing the geometry within a landscape.
Rowntree was one of the artists commissioned to record the face of
England and Wales for the ‘Recording Britain’ project between 1940-
1943. Among the sculptures a black marble sculpture (Lot 113) by Peter Randall-Page is particularly eye-catching being carved as a coiled, organic form with a tactile quality, est £1,500-2,000.
Anyone with a lot of wall to cover will be pleased to find a number of
very large oils on offer. One of these is an interesting 17th/18th century
Dutch painting of two boys with a selection of dead game. In need of
a surface clean this painting would suit a grand dining room or hallway and asks £3,000-5,000.
The ceramics section has a number of rarities but one of the most appealing lots is a miniature blue and white dinner service, Lot 153.
This is decorated with the Monopteris Pattern and is unusually complete down to the tiny ladles. Some people describe these as ‘Tradesman’s Samples’ while others believe they were for children to use with their dolls. In any case it looks good value at £300-500.
Lot 1 – A gypsy ‘Burton’ type caravan, est £6,000 – £8,000

Lot 33 – Taos, New Mexico by Kenneth Rowntree est £1,500 – £2,000

Lot 180 – Rupert Spira, black & white glaze oval porcelain bowl, est £1,000 – £1,500
The studio pottery is mainly drawn from the estate of Lady Tumim and includes examples by Seth Cardew, Bernard Leach and Lucy Rie to name a few. Lot 180 is a particularly stylish bowl by Rupert Spira at £1,000-1,500 which has a simplicity of line that would suit a traditional or a modernist interior.
Another bumper silver section has a good table service, Lot 245, for 12 people that includes the ladles, basting spoons and even the condiment spoons. At £1,000-1,500 this would make the perfect wedding present. Lot 280, a mid 18th century coffee pot will also appeal to collectors at £600-800.
The sale includes a section devoted to scientific objects and spectacles. There are several interesting items – perhaps the most macabre of which is a human part skeleton prepared by Millikin & Lawley. This comes in its own box and will appeal not only to students of anatomy but also to lovers of the bizarre. At £300-500 it is offered for sale just in time for Halloween….
The auctioneers have not had such a good collection of carpets and
rugs for some months and are pleased to have such a variety of sizes
and styles. Lot 451, a late 19th century Heriz carpet is handsome and a
good size being 140 x 97 inches and should achieve £2,000-3,000. A
smaller rug, but of superb quality, is Lot 450, a Qashqai with three
diamond-shaped lozenges within colourful borders at £1,000-1,500.
Among the furniture the most unusual piece is a 19th century shove
ha’penny table, Lot 562, est £500-800. However, the last lot in the
sale, Lot 571, is a full size, oak framed snooker table by Burroughes &
Watts. It is in great condition and is offered along with accessories
from cues, balls and scoreboard to the canopy light hanging above at
just £1,000-1,500. This would make an extravagant gift for the
billiard player and could be in its new home in time for Christmas.

For further information regarding the sale please contact Thomas
Jenner Fust on 01452 344499 or [email protected]
Viewing Days are Tuesday 19th October, 9am-7pm and Wednesday
20th October, 9am-5pm.

Source: IONA PR