Farmer Focus is planning a $17.8 million expansion in Virginia, creating 300 new jobs over the next two years.

The organic chicken maker has announced plans to double its processing capacity at a plant in Harrisonburg.

Most of the new openings will be production, maintenance and supervisory roles.

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The company started in 2014 and works with farmers to raise free-range chickens and to package and sell organic poultry products.

The move means it will be able to “welcome more family farmers into its farming family” with this expansion.

It also plans to grow its organic poultry processing facility in Harrisonburg.

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The factory currently processes 335,000 chickens a week, but as demand has increased, the company is hoping to process 630,000 chickens per week.

The expansion has no fixed completion date, and it will not physically alter the size of the building.

Farmer Focus will make changes to ease processing bottlenecks.

The money will cover the cost of new machinery, conveyor lines, building and site modifications, and a new wastewater treatment system.

Source: Virginia Business

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