“Just about the worst thing that could happen to someone’s home is that it is flooded. I was able to witness firsthand wonderful caring work of the fire brigade on Sunday night in Daglingworth Village. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to anybody whose home has recently been flooded.

If anyone has not been in touch with the relevant authority please would they get in touch with me, and I will try to be of assistance.

Although a significant amount of work has been carried out in the Cotswolds by the relevant authorities since the 2007 floods; I am conscious that there is more to be done and I will redouble my efforts in any community who have been affected this time”.

Ever since the 2007 floods Geoffrey Clifton-Brown has been in regular contact with communities who have flooding problems. He has also help open meetings at which all the relevant authorities have been represented in Moreton, Fairford and Lechlade.


Source: Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP Member of Parliament for The Cotswolds