Most companies are pretty standard.

It’s unlikely anyone’s going to get overly excited by an accountants’ firm or a real estate agency.

We need these types of business each and every day and many very talented people do these jobs incredibly well.

But alongside the more mundane professions our there, some brilliant people are doing brilliantly innovative things.

Here are some examples.


Edible shoes

Yes, edible shoes are a thing.

While the majority of businesses that make edible shoes are also in the business of making more traditional fare.

Surprisingly, edible shoes are a big enough market that a Google search shows dozens of results.

Most of these treats are made of chocolate, which makes you think about what happens when they start to melt?

The Beerbelly

The Beerbelly sells items that allow you to hide alcoholic drinks, such as a pouch holding liquor around your waist that looks like a beer belly and a flask masked as a hairbrush.

Other items are available on its website, such as a sports bra with liquid pouch inserts and a straw and flasks that look like a bottle of sunscreen.

Dirty Rotten Flowers

Have you had a bad breakup? A sense of humor? Have rivals, but you’re not ready to hire an assassin? 

If you match the above criteria, then Dirty Rotten Flowers is for you.

This firm sends bouquets of the dead, rotting flowers to your not-loved ones.

Cuddle Party

Everyone needs a hug sometimes.

Thankfully, businesses like cuddle parties are a thing. 

Cuddle Party does a lot more than hold you; they also allow you to learn skills for making connections and boundaries.

It starts with a welcome circle and learning essential skills; then, the floor opens to freestyle cuddling.

The firms’ services are available in Europe, Canada, the United States, and Australia.

Just Food for Dogs

You may have heard of dog-friendly restaurants or even cat cafes, but have you heard of a restaurant solely for dogs?

A restaurant in LA called Just Food for Dogs certainly lives up to its name. 

Just Food for Dogs serves your dog with five-star service and homemade meals.

If you want something to eat, you’ll have to go for a W-A-L-K.

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