Working from home has become increasingly popular, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

Over 50 percent of employees across the globe work from home at least once a week, and since 2005 remote work has risen in popularity by 173 percent.

There have never been so many options for jobs that can be done from home, too, thanks to more suitable technology and speedy internet access.

More businesses now acknowledge that many jobs don’t need an office.


We’ve rounded up five of the best jobs where you can boost your career without leaving your home.


Marketing roles originally depended on the office, but the last two years have compelled numerous jobs like this to move online.

This is an excellent opportunity if you’ve got marketing skills but want to work at home.


  • Carry out market research to comprehend the public interest and decide the marketability of products and services.
  • Design creative and distinctive marketing strategies across numerous channels such as social media, tv, billboards, and newspaper articles.
  • Create marketing strategies documenting results and objectives.
  • Create thorough budgets and cost estimations.
  • Bargain with possible clients and associates to prepare sales and advertising contracts.
  • Manage public relations and troubleshoot internal and external problems as they occur.

The average pay for marketing roles is $74,464 per year.

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This is a good option for creatives and photography lovers.

If you’ve got a spare room at home, then it’s relatively easy to transform into a video and photography studio, then you can make a suitable living without leaving home.

If you’ve got the tools and the skills, it’s never been so effortless to make a living as a photographer in the comfort of your own home.


  • To set up photographic supplies.
  • Take pictures.
  • Edit and retouch photos.
  • Reproduce and frame shots.
  • Promote the business
  • Research and make contacts.
  • Deal with general administration.

The average salary per year is $46,922.

Customer service

These jobs are moving from call centers to individuals’ homes.

If you’ve got a laptop, a stable internet connection, and exceptional communication skills, then you’ll easily be able to find work as a customer service agent.

These positions don’t need any qualifications, so that more individuals can work in these positions. If you have technical skills, you can also work as a technical support specialist from your house.


  • To answer questions about a business’s products or services.
  • Processing transactions and orders.
  • Settling issues and fixing technical problems.
  • Giving information about a firm’s offerings.
  • Providing strong customer support.
  • Dealing with customer complaints.
  • Gathering and examining customer feedback.

The average pay per year is $36,025.

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Website Tester 

This is one of the newer and more unnoticeable jobs that can be entirely executed from your home.

Business websites have never been so crucial, especially for retailers.

The site must work adequately on a range of mobile and desktop devices, from smartphones to PCs and laptops and even smart watches, because a company will likely lose a customer if they experience a faulty website.


  • Examining and diagnosing system specifications
  • Managing test scripts and checking results
  • Reporting and keeping track of technical issues

The average yearly pay is $62,453.


Corporate finance teams usually outsource bookkeeping positions.

If you’ve experienced in accountancy or the applicable qualifications, you can effortlessly find work in a bookkeeping role.


  • Complete data entry
  • Collect transactions
  • Track debits
  • Uphold and monitor financial record

The average pay is $34,883.

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