Twitter employees fired after Elon Musk’s takeover have finally got their severance payment after two months of waiting.

But the compensation is much less than expected and people were told through a spam email.

Hundreds of staff who lost their jobs during Elon Musk’s first round of layoffs said they received a message from “[email protected]


Sources said the email is not related to any of the company’s internal departments.

The message directed them to a CPT Group website where they could view the complete separation agreement.

The website stated: “As you know, we’ve had to reduce our global workforce to ensure the company’s success moving forward, and your employment has been impacted.

“Since we notified you of your status, you’ve remained in non-working notice, employed, and on payroll, and this will continue through your separation date. 

“You are also eligible to receive additional severance if you sign a separation agreement and release.”

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One person who got the agreement told Insider that they will join one of the ongoing lawsuits against the company.

Hundreds of other affected employees have already opted to take legal action.

The payments were only sent to those who were either fired or resigned around November 4.

Sources said those who quit a few weeks later over Musk’s “hardcore Twitter 2.0” email had so far did not receive an agreement.

Twitter’s one month of severance stands in stark contrast to Facebook and Snap which have given six months and four months of severance respectively during the 2022 mass layoffs.

Source: Insider

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