Dr Adam Hart, biologist and science communicator at the University of Gloucestershire, has launched a nationwide flying ant survey in collaboration with the Society of Biology.

Every summer thousands of the ants can be spotted around the country, and the project aims to find out more about why they appear when they do.

The survey is taking a Citizen Science approach, asking people to log details of where and when they see flying ants through the summer to build up, for the first time, a nationwide picture of the timing and location of these events.

PhD student Christina Catlin-Groves, working on a University of Gloucestershire funded Citizen Science grant, has set up the online survey and is using social media to promote the campaign. As well as the ant science, the project will also be studying the “citizens”, investigating how different social media can be used to recruit people.

Dr Hart added: “Every summer flying ants cause a big stir – it’s quite an event! This project will see how synchronised these events are across the UK.”

Source: University of Gloucestershire