Filton closes:disability and not for profit flying club moves to Kemble 

At approximately 12:10 on the 21st December 2012 many employees and former employees of the historic Filton airfield and aviation industries were close to tears as they witnessed for the last time aircraft taking off from runway 27. An airfield that had seen many historic aviation firsts and aircraft built at Filton have included the Brabazon, Britannia and of course Concorde.

Privileged to be among the last aircraft to depart were two aircraft operated by Bristol Aero Club – G-BBXW and G-BASJ. Among those gathered to witness this emotional event was the founder of the club, who launched the not for profit Club in 1994 to enable employees of the various aviation companies based at the Filton site the opportunity to learn to fly.

In more recent years the Club expanded its membership by accepting Associate Members and is affiliated to BAWA (Bristol Aerospace Welfare Association). It has also been pleased to accept students awarded with flying scholarships by Airbus and Flying Scholarships for Disabled People

The Club has now moved 30 miles north east to Cotswold Airport where it will continue to offer its members the opportunity to learn to fly and hire aircraft on a non-profit making basis. The Club is now located in a small copse of trees between hangers C1 and H2 at what must be one of the most beautifully located airfields in the UK.

The Club is run by volunteers many of whom work at or have retired from the aviation industry. The members are determined to see the closure of Filton not as a setback but an opportunity to promote an interest in flying as a social activity in the Cotswold area. The Club is in effect a very cost effective flying and flight training establishment and can now offer flying and social membership and Trial Lessons to the local communities in and around our new location.

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Source: Bristol Aero Club