Google has been accused of hiring a large number of people from a religious sect a lawsuit says has a growing influence in the company.

The tech giant is accused of employing a number of members of a group called the Fellowship of Friends, which has been described as a “cult-like sect.”


Former Google employee Kevin Lloyd – who Google says left the company due to “performance issues” – claims the takeover has been going on for years and which has led to the the legal case against Google.

“Once you become aware of this, you become responsible,” said Lloyd.

Lloyd hiring a lawyer who won $6.5 million for a client who claimed she was passed over for a promotion because she wasn’t a member of the Fellowship of Friends.

It is unknown how many Google employees are members of the Fellowship. The group is also known as the Fourth Way School and Living Presence.

It has already faced several serious allegations, and the current complaint accuses it of having a history of sex trafficking.

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A Google spokesperson commented: “We have long-standing employee and supplier policies in place to prevent discrimination and conflicts of interest, and we take those seriously.”

“It’s against the law to ask for the religious affiliations of those who work for us or for our suppliers, but we’ll of course thoroughly look into these allegations for any irregularities or improper contracting practices.”

“If we find evidence of policy violations, we will take action.”

“We investigated the concerns Mr. Lloyd raised in his lawsuit, and confirmed that his vendor assignment ended due to well-documented performance issues.”

What is the Fellowship of Friends?

Robert Earl Burton started the Fellowship in 1970. He predicted that society is doomed, and his organization intends to establish a new civilization once the one we know today is destroyed.

Its mission is to create the seed of a new civilization after the doom Burton has predicted takes place.

However, each of the dates predicted for this destruction have not happened, and so new dates have emerged.

The organization has a yearly income of more than than $5 million.

Source: New York Post

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