The latest data from the world’s largest recruitment website shows that as the UK celebrates “Freedom Day”, the return of large-scale performances, sports and festivals has caused job vacancies in the event industry to soar to pre-pandemic levels.

Compared with the same period last year, the number of job postings in the entire event industry increased by 172%, increasing by 29% between May and July.

Postings are still 32% behind 2019 levels, but they may reach pre-pandemic levels in November if they persist in increasing at the current rate.

Job opportunities in the events sector currently being advertised on Indeed comprise event managers, visitor experience managers, and event hosts at some of the UK’s major tourist attractions. There are also stewards, security managers, ticket salespeople, and audio-visual technical assistants as they scale up their operations.

Job seekers reacted to the news that the last remaining part of the economy that is still effectively closed will be lifted in a series of “freedom days”, on July 19 in England, August 7 in Wales and August 9 Day was held in Scotland as interest in the work offered increased.

Since July last year, searches for “steward” positions had increased by 219%, when positions were almost at their lowest point since the pandemic began. The biggest peak occurred in May this year when the crowd resumed participating in sports “test events”, and interest has been rising ever since.

Searches for nightclub jobs began rising in March, a few weeks after Boris Johnson first revealed England’s roadmap to reopening, but dropped off when June’s ‘Freedom Day’ was pushed back to July. Searches for those roles have since begun to scale again, as clubs start renewing in England.

Source: London Loves Business