Five new lawsuits have been brought against Inc. by women who worked in both corporate or warehouse management roles. They have accused the online retailer of gender bias, racial bias or both, also saying that the company favoured men over women in their career growth. They also stated that supervisors had denigrated them and that Amazon had retaliated after complaints were lodged.

The women are aged between 23 and 64. Two of the plaintiffs are Black, one is Latina, one is Asian-American and one is white. They filed their lawsuits in various federal courts across the USA.

The plaintiffs include a gay executive, Cindy Warner, who has claimed a male manager openly called her an “idiot” and a “nobody”. Also she claims that Amazon terminated her job after learning she had hired a lawyer to represent her. All of the lawsuits were filed by the Wigdor law firm, which already has an ongoing case against Amazon Web Services representing a black manager who is suing over alleged systemic discrimination.

A spokesman from Amazon has said that the company has found no evidence to support these accusations, adding that Amazon does not tolerate any kind of discrimination or harassment but in fact supports a “diverse, equitable and inclusive culture.”

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has previously said that his company needs to take better care of employees and that Amazon said it encouraged gender and racial diversity in senior and corporate roles. However currently Amazon urged shareholders at its annual meeting to reject a proposal that required an independent audit to investigate its “impacts on civil rights, equity, diversity and inclusion.”

Source: Insurance Journal