Elon Musk is on a mission to create a new town for SpaceX and The Boring Company staff in Texas.

The Wall Street Journal reports the billionaire has bought nearly 3,500 acres of land about 35 miles outside of Austin, Texas, over the last few years.

The town will be called “Snailbrook,” a reference to The Boring Company’s mascot, and will be a place where employees could live and work.

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Musk and his employees say the vision for the city is a “sort of Texas utopia along the Colorado River.”

While Musk has looked after purchases, Kanye West and the billionaire’s ex-girlfriend, the singer Grimes, proposed the idea last year.

The location is near the SpaceX and The Boring Company facilities

Musk’s plan is called “Project Amazing” and proposes 110 additional homes.

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As part of the development, the town will have a swimming pool, a playground, a gym, and a small school.

The plans also include a private compound for Musk that would likely be built outside of the town.

Snailbrook could be part of his efforts to offer affordable housing for his staffers, as Musk reportedly intends to provide the homes at a lower price.

An ad sent to employees shows how Boring employees could apply for a home with rents starting at around $800 per month for a two- or three-bedroom.

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In the past, the Tesla boss has shown concern about affordable housing.

He made an “urgent” plea for more housing in Austin, Texas, in 2021, as SpaceX and Tesla sought to fill hundreds of positions in the area.

He had said at the time that he planned to establish a new city called Starbase at SpaceX’s launch facilities in Texas.

But, while SpaceX staff have taken over most of Boca Chica, Texas, Musk still needs to build the city entirely.

Musk also did not respond to a request for comments.

Source: Insider

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