With the launch of Orange Connex eBay distribution, eBay UK is preparing to create 110 jobs; its first end-to-end fulfilment service for UK sellers is said to provide faster delivery options, improved logistics management, simplified processes and Better seller protection.

For the first time, eBay commercial sellers will have access to dedicated distribution centres in Leicestershire and Birmingham, where products can be stored, packaged and delivered.

Participating sellers will be able to use Orange Connex eBay to fulfil orders sold on eBay or in stores on other online platforms.

eBay UK is working with global logistics company Orange Connex to launch this service, which will enable eBay sellers to provide buyers with overnight delivery, same-day processing, full tracking services and delayed deadlines. This is managed through an integrated central platform which will mean that sellers will benefit from comprehensive seller protection in the event of delivery-related incidents.

For international orders, sellers participating in the global shipping program will be able to fully integrate with the fulfilment centre through Orange Connex’s eBay compliance and plan to implement it more widely shortly.

This service follows the launch of continuous fulfilment services in Germany and China, which have been “incredibly successful”.

Murray Lambell, general manager, eBay UK, said: “We know that managing space and storage for inventory can be one of the biggest pain points for our sellers, while an increasingly competitive retail environment means that consumers expect faster and more transparent delivery times. eBay fulfilment by Orange Connex sets out to address these, offering more capacity to grow and a simpler, more cost-efficient process so that sellers can offer more flexible delivery options.”

Source:  The Business Desk