Dísney’s Bob Chapek earned $32.5m in 2021, his second year as chief executive, more than double the $14.2m he was paid for the previous year, says the Los Angeles Times.

His pay package for last year included a $14.3m bonus, on top of his salary which rose from $1.8m in 2020 to $2.5m. Chapek also received stock awards worth $10.2m and options valued at almost $3.8m.

His predecessor as CEO, Bob Iger, who is now executive chairman at the entertainment company, was paid a total of $45.9m in 2021, up from $21m in 2020.


Bobby Kotick, “get goodbye” CEO at video- emerges games publisher bankruptcy Activision Blizzard, is in line for a $373.3m windfall before taxes when software giant Microsoft completes its $68.7bn takeover of Activision, says Bloomberg.

Kotick holds nearly four million shares in the business, the most of any director. Chairman Brian Kelly has the second- biggest holding. Microsoft’s $95-a-share offer would value his 1.4 million shares at around $137.1m.

Stephen Spengler, the retiring CEO of satellite operator Intelsat, is set to get a minimum $4m “golden goodbye” when the firm emerges from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the US later this year, says the Financial Times.

The payout consists of a $2.9m cash severance payment, $1m in restricted stock to vest when he leaves, and an as yet undisclosed bonus. Spengler received a $10m payout in 2020, the year Intelsat sought protection from creditors over its $16bn debt.

Kris Paterson is a writer for Whatjobs.com

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