There are lots of things that define whether people like their jobs or not.

The people they work with, their pay and work-life balance are all major factors in enjoying your work.

Obviously, the actual work itself is very important too.

However, you’ll be surprised at some of the jobs people do, and apparently enjoy.

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Crime Scene Cleaners

A crime scene cleaner is responsible for cleaning up and fixing sites where suicides, homicides, and accidents happen.

It involves cleaning up blood, bodily fluids and even body partfrom the area.

The clean-ups can take hours and the work can take an emotional toll.

Essentially, you’ll find yourself in places where no-one would wish to go.

That’s coupled with distressed members of the families of those who have been involved.

You’ll also spend your day clad in biohazard suits, respirators, gloves, and other protective equipment.

On the upside, it’s absolutely vital work which can lead to the perpetrators being sent to jail and justice for the families involved.


The job title gravediggers is self-explanatory – They work in cemeteries digging graves.

It’s another crucial task – and one which is always needed.

At least one is required for every cemetery.

The role requires being comfortable with the concept of death – the gravedigger will rarely know the person they’re a grave for.

It’s a physically challenging job that’s not particularly well paid with an average US salary of $27,833 or $13 an hour.

Social Workers

Social work is an incredibly noble profession where you can face some of the most horrendous and heartbreaking situations.

A job where you might have to remove children from their parents is likely to be emotionally incredibly difficult.

But working with orphaned children, abuse victims and homeless people can also be very rewarding.

You have to be tough, as some of your decisions will not go down well.

The pay is also not great, with an average wage of around $56,040.

Slaughterhouse Worker

You’ll need a strong stomach for this role.

Job satisfaction surveys often show slaughterhouse workers as among the worst jobs around.

The role involves working in blood-stained factories butchering poultry, cattle and fish brought up on factory farms.

Roles include feeding the animals, cleaning up their blood and faeces,giving them vaccines and moving them into crammed vans.

Slaughterhouses are usually dirty and full of blood.

It can also be very distressing having to listen to the sounds of animals dying all day.

Manual Scavenging

Cleaning sewers is another vital service.

Unfortunately, it’s disgusting.

These workers have the job of cleaning dirty toilets, cleaning and repairing sewers and emptying septic tanks.

One major issue is the constant contact with human faeces, which could lead to disease.

Average pay is $58,660.

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