Transforming Gloucester into the world’s first Bee Guardian City is at the heart of a new project by the Bee Guardian Foundation.
The initiative has been selected for ITV’s The People’s Millions, the winner of which gains nearly £50,000 for their project. The winner is decided by a public phone vote on November 23, taking place from 9am until midnight, and they will be featured on the ITV West 6pm news.
The University of Gloucestershire is working in partnership with the Stroud-based Bee Guardian Foundation, formerly the Global Bee Project. Bee houses for more than 3,000 solitary bees have been built on campus, and a wildflower meadow has also been sown to help them thrive at The Park campus.
Reader in Science Communication, Dr Adam Hart, is also the Foundation’s Scientific Director.
Jessie Jowers, Managing Director of the Foundation, said: “As a Stroud-based organisation Gloucester is our nearest city and deserves our attention. We feel the need to work close to home and begin with our local area.
“If we win the People’s Millions vote we can transform the city into a paradise for bees. The project will include the whole community bringing together community groups, schools, colleges, societies, individuals, and businesses for a year of free Bee Inspired activities.”

Source: University of Gloucestershire