Cotswolds MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, pictured below with House Administration Supervisor Aidan Burnett-Herd (Left) and Postman Tony Wood (Right), visited the Royal Mail’s Delivery Office in Cirencester early last Friday morning (17 December) to lend a hand in delivering some welcome Christmas post and to see Cirencester’s postmen and women to thank them for their hard work.

With the recent bad weather the Royal Mail is having to place unprecedented resources into last minute deliveries to ensure that as many people as possible receive their post before Christmas.
Royal Mail began to step up the number of delivery rounds last week, and expects to make an extra 14,000 rounds nationally between this morning and Thursday night. Royal Mail in total expects to spend an additional £20m on its service in the fortnight before Christmas and it has hired 3,000 temporary staff, including 500 professional HGV drivers, and 250 extra large lorries to help clear the build-up of post.
After the visiting the Delivery Office Mr Clifton-Brown stated that, “The Royal Mail delivery network is under an immense amount of pressure at this time of year in any circumstances. Given the bad weather, however, the Royal Mail is facing a massive backlog of deliveries and I am glad to see they are taking steps to make certain that it is cleared by Christmas.”
“I very much enjoyed going out on the delivery routes, though I was asked at one point whether I had taken on a new job!”
“I was very impressed with the operation at Cirencester and the professionalism and calmness of the postmen and women knowing the expectation and hope that is placed upon them at this time of year. I am confident that they will do all they can to ensure that as many letters and parcels are delivered before Christmas.”

Source: Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP Cotswolds