Members of Gloucestershire’s Youth Parliament will gain the opportunity to use the Chamber in the House of Commons over the Summer following the passing of a vote in Parliament in favour of such a step.  This will be the second year in a row it has occurred and was actively supported by Cotswolds MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown.
During proceedings on Tuesday night Philip Davies MP (Shipley) spoke for over an hour in opposition to the proposals, during which time Mr Clifton-Brown challenged him to highlight what “actual harm that he sees in allowing the members of the Youth Parliament to debate in this place when the Chamber is not being used for the legitimate business of this House.” 
Mr Clifton-Brown was one of the just over 100 MPs who remained late in the Chamber to ultimately cast their vote at 0021am to ensure that a full vote could take place the following day, during which the motion was passed to enable the Youth Parliament to use the Chamber over the summer.
Members of Gloucestershire’s Youth Parliament recently came to Westminster to meet with local MPs and Mr Clifton-Brown was pleased to be able to continue his longstanding support for the work of the Youth Parliament.  The MP feels that at a time when our economy is so badly damaged and the impact of the actions of today’s politicians are going to be felt for some years to come it is vital that we engage with the voters of tomorrow.
Mr Clifton-Brown added:
“I think all Members of Parliament who have met with members of the Youth Parliament or with school children from their constituency know that age is no barrier to compassion.  Children today are better informed about what is going on not just in their own town or country but across the globe, it is the young people in society who are less encumbered by a desire to retain what we have held onto in the past, but are driven by a desire to create a better future.”
“All steps we can take to encourage youth involvement in Politics should be taken.  The Youth Parliament provides not only those who are elected, but the thousands of school children who vote to elect them, a chance to engage with the democratic process which – whilst voting is a right in this country it is also one that should be taken with a sense of responsibility. The decision to allow the Youth Parliament to sit here is one of which Parliament should rightly be proud, and I hope this is a tradition that will continue for many years.” 

Source: Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP (The Cotswolds)