Cotswolds MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown has responded to the news that the chief executive and finance director of the Cotswold Water Park Society have been arrested after “financial irregulaties” were discovered as a “deeply disappointing development”
In response to rising public concern about the management of society and a failure of the Society to respond to these enquires, Mr Clifton-Brown chaired a public meeting on the 26 March in an attempt to get answers for the public.
Commenting on the news, Mr Clifton-Brown, who is standing for re-election as the Conservative candidate for the Cotswolds said “It is not for me to comment on the outcome of the police enquiries into this issue, but if the allegations are proved to be correct then this is obviously a deeply disappointing development”
“Tourism is a vital part of the Cotswolds economy and the Water Park is at the heart of this, along with being an important feature for local residents.  With this in mind it is imperative that there is full trust in the way the Cotswolds Water Park Society is run.”
“Whilst the police enquiry continues, those currently in charge of the Water Park Society must now fully review the way they operate and take the necessary steps to work more closely with the local community and communicate far better with residents as I called for on the 26 March.”

Source: Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP Cotswolds