On Friday 12th December 2008,  Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP attended a successful meeting with Bob Skillern from the Gloucester Highways, Chris Leese, Vice President of Cemex as well as Vanessa Rigg and Sally O’Dell two local residents. Discussions were held over the highways study into speeding on the Aston Road in Chipping Campden which has caused great concern amongst local residents.

At the meeting Geoffrey warned: “Crossing the road with young children or dogs is often hazardous. Indeed many people have warned that unless something is done there will be a serious accident. Clearly something must therefore be done to ensure this is prevented at all costs.”

A number of constructive suggestions emerged such as a gateway type approach into the town to persuade motorists to slow down. However the most popular approach, and the one thought to be the most effective, was to install some traffic activated and illuminated signs which display the speed of passing motorists, to persuade motorists to slow down in this residential area.

These signs are likely to cost in the region of £9000, funding of which will have to found. Geoffrey is to approach the town council to see whether they would be willing to contribute towards this and Bob Skillern was fairly confident that he would be able to secure the remaining funds over the next financial year.

Photo L-R:
Sally O’Dell, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, Vanessa Rigg and Bob Skillern

Source: Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP (Cotswold)