Cotswold District Council today set its Council Tax for the coming financial year. A meeting of full Council agreed to add £4.64 to its share of the annual average bill (Band D), a 3.5% increase.

Gloucestershire County Council has increased its Council Tax by 4.9%, or £48.35 per year for a Band D property, while the Gloucestershire Police Authority has increased its bill by £8.96 (4.99%).

The total average tax, made up of these three elements, will be £1361.97 – a £61.95 (4.8%) increase on the current year’s tax. In addition, the majority of residents pay a sum to their parish, which varies across the District.

Cotswold District Council Leader Cllr Lynden Stowe said after the meeting: “The level of District Council Tax reflects our aim to keep increases broadly in line with inflation and represents good value for money for the range of services we provide.

“Like all councils, we are facing increased financial challenges due to the rising costs of utilities and fuel and the increasing pressure on local authority pension funds.

“This year, Cotswold is seeing a reduction in Government support in real terms as rural districts have lost out to urban areas. We are left to find ways to bridge that gap and produce a balanced budget without passing on too much of the burden to our Council Tax payers.

“We’re doing this by working more efficiently, such as joint working with other Councils, and by increasing or introducing fees and charges, such as car parks and green waste.”

Budget consultation carried out by the Council revealed that residents believe the ‘user should pay’ for services such as car parks, leisure, museums and public loos.

Cllr Stowe added: “Drawing up the budget is a challenging task but we are certain our spending reflects our priorities of a cleaner, greener District; providing value for money and supporting our communities.”

The Band D bill for residents of the District is as follows:

Gloucestershire County Council: £1,036.37
Cotswold District Council: £137.15
Gloucestershire Police Authority £188.45

Total excluding parish: £1,361.97

The amount charged by Town and Parish Councils varies from zero to £106.58 (Tetbury, Band D).

Source: Cotswold District Council