CNN is slashing a small number of employees in its podcasting unit, the latest in a string of layoffs at Warner Bros Discovery and its news division.

One product manager posted on LinkedIn their role had been terminated.

They said the firm had informed staffers that they will be producing fewer audio series in 2023.

Another layoff victim told Insider roughly eight employees were affected, hitting editorial and sales.


A CNN spokesperson verified that a small number of audio cuts happened.

The CNN rep said: “Audio is an important growth area for the company. 

“Over the last several years we’ve learned a lot about the topics and productions that most resonate with our audiences. 

“As a result, we’ve refined our strategy to focus our resources more specifically in those areas.”  

In February 2020, CNN made a huge push into audio, launching a separate division and selecting leadership to spearhead it.

It appointed Lisa Namerow as the head of podcast and audio partnerships, Daniel Kantor as its vice president of podcasts and audio, and Megan Marcus, as executive producer for CNN Audio. 

Kantor departed the firm in February, and LinkedIn hired CNN digital VP Courtney Coupe, who also supervised podcast development and production, earlier in September.

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CNN added three new podcasts to its lineup earlier this year.

CNN parent firm Warner Bros. Discovery has been planning to cut roles as it plans to obtain $3 billion in synergies from the newly merged company.

When WBD shut down CNN+, the network’s streaming service, barely one month after it launched, it laid off more than 239 people.

The majority of HBO Max’s non-scripted division and TBS/TNT’s scripted teams have also been eliminated.

The company’s sales teams have also been affected.

Chris Licht, the network’s new chief, has been reshuffling personnel in both daytime and primetime.

He earlier stated that no mandatory layoffs will occur at the network.

He did, however, mention that the organization’s leadership was reviewing it to determine if resources were being used properly.

Source: Insider

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