For the first time in their short history Clickajobs has been named a top 10 job search website in the United Kingdom. According to research by the Recruitment Sites Survey (RSS) the Hull based search engine is a top destination if you are looking for a new job in the United Kingdom.

In a survey of 100,000 jobseekers taken by HeHe Vizion via Linkedin, Clickajobs scored an impressive 32% as a job site that a user would recommend to a friend. The survey showed that Clickajobs was the second best performing UK based job search website putting them ahead of Joblookup, Adzuna ,Zoek, Allthetopbananas, Jobg8 and Jobsite. Only London based finished above them.

After being contacted by WHATNEWS for comment the ClickaJobs Managing Director Graham Hirst had this to say “in these difficult times, we’re delighted by this show of confidence from our clients and partners. It comes on the back of a year when we have made huge improvements in the quality and breadth around our job search offering and recruiter tools.”

Having a UK based job search portal driving things forward will be a welcome boost to the UK. During 2020 many parts of the country have been under extreme pressure due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has created chaos up and down the country with thousands losing their jobs.

Thousands of UK companies has seen revenues decline due to not being able to trade as normal, and despite aid from the UK government many are finding it very hard to stay afloat. This is a very financially stressful time and the uncertainty can bring anxiety about career prospects in 2021 and beyond.

The job market has changed somewhat since the pandemic broke in early 2020. Thanks to websites where you can perform a local job look up such as ClickaJobs jobs can be still be found and applied for online.

Below is the final list of the best UK job search websites to find a job during 2021 compiled by HeHe Vizion & the Job Sites Survey Team.

 1) Indeed

 2) Linkedin

 3) WhatJobs

 4) Totaljobs

 5) Zoek

 6) Clickajobs

 7) Adzuna

 8) Jobg8

 9) Allthetopbananas

 10) Joblookup

How to find a job using this list

If you are looking for work the most important question is: How do I find jobs near me? Job search websites are designed to collate together the latest opportunities in an easy to search database. Why not try for yourself by clicking on any of the names above.