The business minister wants the companies to maintain home-working wherever possible for as long as it’s possible in effort to lower the infection rates.

Construction industry has been under some scrutiny for inability to keep workers carry on their work according to the government guidance on social distancing as reported by the employees in the field.

The minister, Kwasi Kwarteng, raised concerns over employers’ attempts to bring the staff back into the offices. According to Guardian, Kwarteng is troubled by inappropriate attempts by employers to threaten their employees with unpaid leave sanctions if they refuse to return to their place of work.

He added: “The scientific evidence is clear that the next few weeks will be a critical time of the pandemic, so we need all employers to act responsibly and take every possible step to enable and support their staff to work from home. The vaccine roll out is in the process and so the end is near but we as British businesses must lead by an example”.

ONS statistics show that during the first lockdown over 46% of workforce carried out their work from home at least partially and now this number dropped down to 31%. In addition, Department for Transport data revealed that the road traffic is at 63% of the pre-pandemic time, it also suggest that the car usage has doubled since the last lockdown.

Estate Agents and construction industry had been the worst when it comes to breaking the rules, the government allows them to carry on working not providing them with the furlough scheme so they had to return to work as normal but they concerns over the employees welfare has been raised.