The first wave of Christmas adverts has arrived for this year.

Some may think it’s too early for Christmas to be mentioned, but that’s not stopped Britain’s biggest retailers from deciding that the Christmas season has begun.

The main reason retailers are getting these adverts out early is that they are concerned that advertising around the World Cup will clash, so they’re doing it now to inspire us to start shopping early.


Famous idols from Katy Perry to Buddy the Elf have been used in adverts this year to convey meaningful messages about buying and saving money in the cost of living crisis.


Disney Christmas advert 2022

The message this advert is trying to get across is that families may change and things might be different, but Mickey Mouse makes everything a little bit better.

This year’s advert focuses on the youngest member of the family, Ella.

Last Christmas, her stepdad joined the family, and now her mum is pregnant, which means some sacrifices and usual festive traditions have to be changed, which Ella isn’t used to.

Until she meets her new sibling and falls in love straight away, she passes on the Mickey Mouse toy her brother gave her, knowing she will receive some new ones under the tree.


Some Christmas adverts are about selling the season, and others are based on more specific things.

M&S wants us to buy its Christmas party food collection – which does look pretty tasty.

It’s been revealed that this won’t be their only season advert. They’re releasing new ones each week until Christmas day.


Asda’s Christmas advert 202

It features Buddy the Elf, which is an all-time favorite film for the Christmas season.

It’s comical and different.

Fans will truly love this one.

John Lewis

John Lewis never fails to disappoint every year, and it has done it yet again!

This is a moving advert which is also supporting two charities.

Christmas isn’t all laughs and smiles for everyone – some people struggle this time of year, especially the elderly.


Lego has made this advert to remind people of all ages of the joy of Lego and how it brings families together.

It’s the time of year we all need to be reminded to crack a smile and be at one with friends and family.

Lego’s advert this year has executed the point of the Christmas spirit wonderfully.

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