On the evening of Wednesday 17th July at the Rollright Stones near
Chipping Norton , the Chipping Norton Amateur Astronomy Group (CNAAG)
were hosts to the team of BBC’s The Sky At Night astronomy programme.
Presenter/Astronomer Pete Lawrence accompanied by impressionist and
astronomer Jon Colshaw shared a clear sky in near tropical temperatures
with over 20 CNAAG astronomers as they were filmed talking about the
Rollright Stones and the superb Moon.

The programme is due to be aired first on the 4th of August with various repeats.

On Sunday 28th July there will be a meeting of the Chipping Norton Astronomy Group at the Rollright Stones during the day. Weather permitting we will be holding a SOLAR SUNDAY & Telescope Workshop , studying the Sun in detail and giving advice to anyone how to get the best out of their telescopes.
Bring a picnic for a relaxing afternoon in an idyllic setting.
Astronomy event free. Nominal Rollright Stone entry fee of £1.00 adults
and 50p children over 7.