Chipping Campden men’s keep fit club endorse international findings on the benefits of beer

Chipping Campden and district mens keep fit club have taken over the facilities at Chipping Campden School and more recently the sports centre every Monday evening for nearly thirty years. Some forty mature, fit local men push their bodies to the limit to achieve almost perfection in their quest to LOOK GOOD – FEEL GOOD. It is well known amongst the group that the after session pints at the Eight Bells and the Lygon Arms and the social discussions that centre on diet and grooming are an integral part of upholding our motto ( Look Good – Feel Good ). It was therefore with smugness that we came across an article that at last confirms something the men of the north Cotswolds have been aware of for many years.

The following article appeared in ‘The Week’ magazine 05.11.07: “Is beer a real thirst quencher? When you leave the gym after a vigorous workout, head to the pub. It doesn’t sound like sensible advice, but according to new research, a glass of beer may be just the thing to rehydrate the body”, says the Daily Mail. Professor Manuel Garzon, of Granada University in Spain, asked twenty-five students to run on a treadmill attemperatures of 40 degrees C (104 degrees F) until they were close to exhaustion. Half were then given a glass of lager to drink, while the rest were given the same volume of water. According to Garzon. tests later showed that the group given the beer had a “slightly” better rehydration effect than those given the water. He claims beer is the perfect post-exercise drink because the carbon dioxide in it quenches thirst, while its carbohydrates replace lost calories.We have recently written to Professor Sarzon endorsing all he has said, pointing out that we are living proof of his theory. Indeed the whole group are prepared to travel to Spain to help further his research. We are, however, experiencing a major concern, that with the constant increase in the price of beer and the government’s philosophy of health and fitness for all – perhaps the medical profession would allow us six pints on prescription !

Derek Thomas, Chipping Campden Men’s Keep Fit

(From the noticeboard section of the Chipping Campden Bulletin. Reproduced with kind permission of Jeremy Green)