Catering company Cleverchefs is creating 150 new jobs across the United Kingdom.

The Cardiff firm specialises in catering for schools and colleges and is expanding after securing funding from the HSBC bank.

The firm will open 40 new catering centres in southern England and Wales, which allows it to provide school meals to an additional 70,000 children a week across the UK.


The rapid expansion goals will result in around 125 catering job openings by the end of September and 25 roles by the end of 2022.

The catering company, which now employs roughly 350 people, will increase its UK headcount by more than 40 percent to reach the 500-employee mark.

Cleverchefs also expects the plans would increase its annual revenue from roughly £7 million to nearly £12 million.

Cleverchefs CEO Nick Collins said: “Expanding the number of schools and colleges that we serve fresh and fun food to is fantastic for our business, but more importantly it supports our aim of improving food nutrition in the education settings across the UK.”

“A chef-led business is what makes this rapidly expanding company different. We live and breathe food, taking creativity to a new level. 

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“HSBC’s support has played a crucial part in the expansion process, and the funding has been a central part of our mission to make food the highlight of everyone’s day.

“We are looking forward to delivering creative and nutritious meals to even more children for many years to come.”

The firm began its operations as a catering supplier for weddings and other events just seven years ago. 

With the pandemic outbreak, Cleverchefs has expanded its reach to the education sector, where it now concentrates the majority of its business.

Source: E4S

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