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New job centre in Dudley helps bounce back from Covid Pandemic

There are plans to open a new job centre in Dudley town to help the city recover from the Covid pandemic. A former Peacocks store on High Street has been all set to turn into a job centre after the proposed plan from the Department for Work and Pensions. This is part of the government initiative aimed at increasing job opportunities in areas of the UK that have been worst hit by the coronavirus,

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Vaccinated employees allowed back to Salesforce’s USA offices

Salesforce has announced it will start allowing vaccinated employees to return to office based working. They are one of the first major U.S. businesses to give vaccinated workers preferential treatment over those who have not yet been vaccinated. The cloud based software maker said that vaccinated employees can volunteer to join groups of 100 or less. They can return to work in its San Francisco headquarters or several other offices such as Palo Alto and Irvine. However office workers would be mandated to be tested for Covid 19 at onsite testing centre.

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Part-time workers will suffer most when furlough scheme ends

According to flexible working campaigners, Timewise, many part time workers who are currently on the government’s furlough scheme are very fearful of being made redundant. In July the UK government reduces the proportion of employees wages it subsidises to 70%, from 80%, with employers having to pay the missing 10%. Timewise is warning that the UK’s 7.8 million part-time workers, of which most are women, will bear the brunt of job losses when the furlough scheme eventually ends in September.

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Aer Lingus job cuts in Shannon and Cork

Aer Lingus has notified staff that the airline will be emerging from the pandemic as a smaller organisation and that this transition will require redundancies to be made. The cabin crew base run by Aer Lingus at Shannon airport is to permanently close. This closure is part of cost saving measures as the company downsides due to the travel crisis brought about by the Covid 19 pandemic. Their base at Cork will be temporarily closed between mid-September and late November 2021

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